Colwood’s waterfront is increasingly popular with residents and visitors because of the great work by the community’s communications manager and our public works folks.

Credit City of Colwood

But it is increasingly vulnerable.

Sea level rise and storms have already made winter road closures along Coburg Peninsula more frequent, and these will increase in the future.

We have to move the sewage pump station from the foreshore to a higher, safer location. We need to establish how the City Engineering department should respond the next time there is erosion that threatens parts of Ocean Boulevard as happened in 2007/8 and more recently.

A waterfront master plan — based on information from experts, input from the community and groups like the Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative — would help to make sure we all understand what is at stake and help shape the future of this incredible place. The peninsula has changed enormously in the last 100 years and will continue to do so. We need to provide the community with a way to have a say in that change and for the City to have a realistic financial plan for dealing with the changes.

Credit Check News

What happens to the lagoon and the housing along its edge when waves don’t just throw logs up on the road but actually wash across the road (known as white-water flooding)?

We need to know our answers to these things long before they happen. The City has suffered through financial difficulties in the past from not preparing for events that were completely foreseeable.

We must not be caught that way again.

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