Getting to and from the West Shore in peak commuter times is currently a real burden on people’s time.

Two projects are underway right now:

  • the McKenzie interchange
  • the bus lanes along Douglas Street and the Trans-Canada Highway
Credit Times Colonist

These will help to alleviate congestion somewhat when they are complete.

But it is well known that more capacity means more traffic! Folks increase the number and the length of vehicle trips that they are willing to make. When added to the steady growth in population, this inevitably leads to the same level of congestion again.

We need long-term thinking including how to make bus/rail, biking and walking more acceptable to all commuters.

This should include:

  • a serious study of a passenger ferry to Victoria
  • an inter-municipal task force to track congestion and developments
  • and to plan together for future transportation needs.

This will not be easy. Every community’s needs and concerns must be listened to and treated seriously by the others. We will not do ourselves any good by proceeding chaotically into the future.

Some useful level of cooperation must be achieved, and this is only possible if all are respected.

Credit City of Colwood

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