Regional Interactions

Some municipalities rejected CRD playing a major role in transportation planning. This was fully justified! But it highlights the need for voluntary cooperation between the municipalities directly, to achieve some sort of coherent plan.

There are examples of excellent cooperation between municipalities. The RCMP building which serves the whole Westshore is just one example.

Credit Times Colonist

There are also examples of troubled cooperation between municipalities, such as the issue of managing the West Shore Parks and Recreation Society that resulted in the disbandment of the board of directors in July in favour of a temporary committee of Chief Administrative Officers.

My hope is that transportation can be a successful area of cooperation and lead to planning and execution that will produce a sound plan and an effective transportation system. This has been done elsewhere. There were about a dozen authorities involved in the planning of the Portland, Oregon transportation system but the results have been enviable.

We will need to build a way to meet and discuss and come up with plans that respect everyone’s needs and budgets. I believe this can be done. As I say above under Transportation, while the Interchange at Mackenzie and the bus lanes out to the Westshore are being completed we have time for talking and building the consensus to plan and later act.

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